“Bhuel, tá mé ag teacht ar ais… níl, tá mé ag teacht abhaile!”

Or in the Common Tongue…

“Well, I’m coming back…nah, I’m coming home!”

What’s the story? It’s your resident Irishman, Francis! I’m returning to the woodchips for Round 2! After my time back in the Magical Green Valleys of Eire, I’ve rekindled my magical enthusiasm and I’m ready to go once again!

The Island of Árainn Mhór does wonders for one’s spirit! Take a look for yourself!

I’m delighted to be returning for my second year in the Augustan Woods with my Cedar Brothers, old and new. The woods are where the wild things are and I’m excited to rejoin my own kind!


My first year was a rollercoaster of oddball antics and meaningful mayhem, sprinkled with that good old Wish, Wonder and Surprise! I remember the things I was looking forward to, such as PandA, and the awesomeness I hadn’t even considered! I made many a friend (see below), both human and otherwise, and look forward to making many more this summer!

Not to mention learning new skills and improving old ones. My passions for martial arts haven’t dwindled and I’ve enjoyed getting back to training hard. Last year I was delighted to inject camp with some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mayhem! Who knows what other ideas I have up my sleeve?

A passion I adopted in the Summer of 2018 was my love of contributing to camp through CAPP Projects and getting a little silly with some inspired Cabin Acts – something I hope to do even more of this time around – with some more expert leadership and contribution!

I truly fell in love with this place last year, not to mention California as a whole, as I was afforded the opportunity to explore this beautiful land during the post season with the new friends I had made. Truly spectacular, and I’m excited to think of new adventures to come!

All and all, I am truly honored to be coming back to camp this year and catching up with all of you zany campers and meeting many more of you to boot! The mission stands: roll and crawl around, cry until I laugh (wait a minute, strike that one and reverse it), make an abundance of new precious memories and embrace the chaos!

Feicfidh mé go luath thú! (See you soon!)

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