Hello! My name is Fernanda Morales, originally from Monterrey, Mexico. I have a 4-year degree in biology, and I have dedicated most of my professional career to environmental impact studies and prevention. I have also spent three years as a secondary science teacher in both public and private schools. Preserving nature for future generations is my passion, and I believe educating our youth is integral to saving our planet. This is a major reason why I chose to spend summer 2022 here at Camp Augusta. In addition to teaching others about our awesome planet, I continue to be a life-long learner both personally and professionally.

I’m a science woman, but I also believe in magic! Throughout human history, the unknown and inexplicable was related to magic, until tools and knowledge were sufficient to understand those events. So whatever we may call “the unknown” today, tomorrow may be a basic knowledge. With this in mind, I enjoy being surprised and wonder what physical, biological or chemical properties cause the phenomenons that awe us.

Music is also a big motor for me. Literally, any kind of music. I can’t help but dance, sing, and make music with any object I put my hands on, even my own body! As a toddler, I was making up my own songs babbling, way before I was able to speak actual words; and I would perform them in the garage (DANCE INCLUDED, grabbing anything as a mic). I would also dance and sing to every ad jingle and soap operas’ songs… Ok, I actually still do that.

And the most important thing to me is: ENJOY THE PRESENT. I’m really looking forward to having fun with campers, especially with my Oakies! Making the best out of every single moment by going with the flow.