My name is Eugenio, but my parents, family members and friends call me Miguelangel or just Migue , my mother gave me this nickname for being born in a day celebrated in my country to the angel Miguel and in Spanish this name sounds like that.

I was born and currently I live in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, although I have moved several times, I have always lived in Santo Domingo. This will be my first summer in at Camp Augusta as a kitchen Staff, it is an adventure for which I am excited to live, an experience that even through the photos seems fabulous and exciting.

I study at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, this was the first university founded in the American continent and new world after being discovered by Christopher Columbus several centuries ago; today it is a state university and the largest in the country. I have studied industrial engineering since 2018, taking this career due to my liking of science, highlighting physics, also mathematics and new challenges. This university is multi-cultural, very historical and has an environment for freedom of thought.

My professional experience with children has been in elementary and high school, I have been a history substitute teacher, teaching children between the ages of 12 and 16, I think it is great to make or motivate children to gain knowledge for their mental and emotional development. Last year I had one of my best experiences, I was working as a culinary staff in an amusement park; fun was the day to day in the park between co-workers and guests, smiles of the children was one of the most rewarding and sincere parts of this experience.

I am a sports fan, and I particularly like baseball. For a long time I practiced and played since I was a teenager, I love other sports such as volleyball or soccer, some I have never even practiced them, but I would love to practice others such as snowboarding and rock climbing. I love tourism, my country is a totally tourist place containing cultural, historical and holiday tourism. Dominicans identify our pleasure for excursions to do internal tourism and know and enjoy the nation. I like social activities with friends or to meet new people, among the activities that I like that are carried out in my country are: festivals, Dominican carnival, book fair and group games.

I am very excited for this new adventure in my life, meet new friends, play a lot, and perform new activities.