Hi there!
My name is Emma and I’m soooooo excited for my first summer as a counselor! I was previously a camper and I had so much fun that I’ve come back for more. I first stepped out onto the woodchips of Augusta way back in 2012. Altogether, this year will be my sixth at camp!

I’m 19 years old and I’m from Sebastopol,
California, although I was born in Chicago.
When I first moved, I thought fireflies had
gone extinct because I couldn’t find them
anywhere. I was very relieved to find out
there are just fewer in California!

Currently, I’m studying theater at
Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts,
where I’m also on the comedy improv
troupe and in the knitting club! I’m not
much of a knitter, but I do love
needle-felting, so the knitting club lets
me hang out with them anyway. 🙂 I
also love working on and acting in theater productions at my school.

Speaking of things I love, here’s an incomplete, ever-growing list of things I’m passionate about!
– Theater
– Improv
– Felting
– Music, especially playing the guitar!
– Math (What?!?!? It’s true, if you can believe it, I love math)
– My cat (his name is Bertram, Bertie for short)
– Stars
– Outer space
– Learning
– Getting to know YOU!

Here are some questions you might have for me:

What’s your favorite color? Animal? Plant? Green, hedgehogs, and zinnias.

What are you most looking forward to for this summer? Meeting you (the campers) and also playing ridiculous characters in the evening programs!

What relevant past experience do you have? As well as having been a counselor at a theater summer camp, I spent many years volunteering at an organization that provides healthy food for people with serious illnesses, and I mentored many teens there!

What do the next few years look like for Emma? Well unless space travel evolves to the point that NASA might send up a 19-year-old with very little knowledge of science (in which case I’m definitely going to space), I’ll probably spend the next two years on Earth finishing my education. Next semester I hope to spend abroad in Ireland! But you never know, the space thing might happen.

Here are some fun facts about me!
– I can wiggle my left ear
– I can touch my nose with my tongue
– I lived in a different country for a year, but I was too young to remember it. Where? I can’t wait to hear your guesses!
– I can’t do a cartwheel, but not for lack of trying 
– This was me when I was a camper! (In the green sweatshirt)

See you soon!
Emma <3