What’s up! I’m Ellington, and I’m so excited to be joining you on your Augusta adventures this summer! I grew up in Oakland until I was 5, when my family moved to Piedmont and shortly thereafter I was put on a bus for my first mini-camp at Camp Augusta! I have now been riding the bus to Lake Vera for a decade–this will be my 10th year at camp. Being 18 years old, that means I’ve been going to Augusta for more summers of my life than I haven’t. Over those years, I’ve had many nicknames: Ellie, Elton, E-Train, Duke, E, Eli, and many others which were fleeting but humorous. Call me anything you want! 

As evidenced on the right, I have always loved playing outdoors (despite a minor allergy to grass which has never stopped me). Anytime I’m outside moving I have a smile on my face–I’ve also been skiing since I was 2! A second home of mine is Vermont–I attended The Mountain School for half of my junior year of high school (the rest was at Piedmont High), which propelled my love for nature, specifically trees! I am a complete tree nut (like a cashew), and have a small, steadily growing bonsai collection to back it up.

I play the bass (electric and upright)–some of my first onstage performance skills came from the showcase at Augusta! My love for music has grown into a pan-genre glob, and over the past 2 years I’ve dedicated myself to jazz. Some of my favorite artists/inspirations include: Vulfpeck, Led Zeppelin, Bill Evans, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Rosenwinkel, The Clash, James Jamerson, Oscar Peterson, Tal Farlow, John Coltrane, and The Grateful Dead.

Other important info: I’ve got a little 13 pound malti-poo named Manny, aka Manno, aka Manno-bonnano. He’s cute besides perpetually needing a trip to the doggy dentist (phew!). He’s my buddy and co-pilot. 

My sport of choice is waterpolo, I play goalie–unofficially, I am a pickup basketball all-star, and at camp, a CTF ninja.

Picturless info: 

  • After this summer, I’m headed to Wesleyan University where I’m hoping to study philosophy, botany, and music. 
  • I love to read! Some recent favorites in the fantasy department were the three books in the Illuminae Files Trilogy, and for fiction, The Overstory by Richard Powers. 
  • My favorite time of day is dusk
  • I am willing to spend any amount of cash on an original pressing of a classic jazz record
  • I’ve driven cross-country from Piedmont to Wilmot, New Hampshire. Double digit, perhaps triple digit hours of podcasts were consumed. 

I am a hot sauce connoisseur and proud owner of the hottest non-pepper extract hot sauce on the planet (pepper extract hot sauces include Dave’s Insanity Sauce and Mad Dog 357)

All in all…

Over my years at Augusta, I’ve found that listening to my heart, being playful and open, and taking deep breaths are some guidelines at my core. I can’t imagine a summer without camp, and can’t wait to share a summer of opportunity and possibility with you!