Come one, come all! Gather ’round & take a seat.

Just like a gumball it’s bound to be a treat

but don’t come in too close or else you’ll burn your feet

Listen up and lean in, there’s someone you should meet


Well, hey, there!

Welcome to the bonfire!

My name is Michael Andrew Carrillo

Huh? How did you get DC out of that?

I’m glad you asked!

Come… go on this little journey with me …

I’ve never gone by Michael (unless I was in trouble). My family has always called me Andrew and still does. My friends, however, had other plans for me when I was 16 and began calling me Drew. That’s the name that stuck for most of my life until a few years ago. I was working in the corporate world and there was 3 Drews in my department so we started going by our initials. That’s when/how DC was born.

So I answer to Andrew, Drew and DC (and on occasion, Michael 😉 )

You can call me whichever one you want. Pick your favorite and if you see me around camp come and tell me which one you prefer and tell me why!
So, Andrew/Drew/DC/(sometimes) Michael, tell me a little more ‘bout yourself 

Sure thing! 

This is going to be my first summer at Camp Augusta where I will be a counselor in Ceder Village (for Cedar Village? at Cedar Village?)!!

I cannot even form into words how excited I am for what’s in store. I plan on doing EVERYTHING here! From blacksmitting, to high/low ropes, making tie-dye shirts, playing with the animals, lamp work (which is REALLY cool), bonfires, climbing trees, laughing until my head falls offs, hanging down at the hot rocks (a beautiful area of trees and rocks outlining a gorgeous stream)

 I’m literally here right now as I write this

 I can’t believe there is actually a place that exists where not only does it celebrate childhood to an incredible degree, but also provides everything you need to live out your childhood dreams!

I’m a born n’ raised Texan

Growing up you’d find me doing pretty much the same things I’ll be doing here at camp: Climbing trees, playing outside, riding horses, playing with animals, etc.


In 2014, I moved to Southern California & I instantly fell in love.

 In 2016, I made the move to Northern California for a new job and I’ve been here ever since.
 During the Fall, Winter & Spring, I travel around facilitating a social/emotional learning (SEL) workshop called Challenge Day in schools all over this beautiful country.

Public speaking has been a dream of mine since I was a young buck; Influencing change has been a passion of mine since even before that. So having the opportunity to incorporate both as a career is everything I’ve always hoped for.

What about your interests? Cool experiences? Fun facts?

Well, look at you reading my mind! That’s exactly where I was going next.
My favorite number(s) is any formation of 1’s and 7’s (My birthday is July 1st7/1).
For the sake of time we will go with 17.

So here are 17 facts to better help you get to know me

17 rando facts about DC:

  1. I am half Mexican and I was raised in the Hispanic culture. I can pronounce and read Spanish but I’m not fluent conversationally. It is a dream of mine to be fluent, though.

  2. Growing up if I saw anyone giving away free animals I would take one and make up the world’s most horrific story to tell my parents so they would feel bad and let me keep it. It never worked. They saw right through me.

  3. My favorite color is fuchsia because I saw a dragon fruit one day and the color made me so happy. So fuchsia is a feeling more than a color to me.

  4. I love BOTH of my parents VERY much but I’m definitely a momma’s boy!

  5. My Favorite animal is a dog.

  6. My dream animal to meet is an elephant. I have a spiritual connection with them for some reason.

  7. I used to be an actor and a model.

  8. I’ve lived in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Belize, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco (sometimes living in one of those places more than once). Where I live now, in Nor-Cal, is the longest I’ve lived in any one place/area since I was 17 (I’m 32).

  9. Sometimes, I dream in Spanish. (refer back to #1 for the irony)

  10. I used to work on a ranch. I raised goats, chickens, horses & piglets. I actually helped deliver 8 piglets and nursed one back to life/health. Her name was Tink. I also bonded with two little chicks that imprinted on me (meaning: they became attached and saw me as their mommy) and they would follow me around everywhere,ump in my lap when I sat down and fell asleep on my chest all the time.

  11. I’ve never traveled overseas but it’s my dream to visit Spain and Greece.

  12. I used to work as an assistant to an Interior Designer and it turns out I’m really good at designing, staging and being creative.

  13. Despite LOVING nature and the outdoors, I am deathly terrified of spiders.

  14. My favorite cuisine is Italian food

  15. My enemy food wasabi

  16. I love tattoos and hope to be covered in them some day. I have 11 now (arms, rib, leg and feet. Feet definitely hurt the worst)

  17. Skydiving is something I WILL check off of my bucket list in 2019

I know that’s not ALL of me so if you want to know more, come up and chat sometime if you see me around Camp Augusta. I’ll answer all your questions; but be prepared to answer some, too!



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