Hello campers, parents, counselors, staff, and friends of Camp Augusta! You have just found the wonderful, curious, wishfully magical, and surprising staff bio of me, Curtis Cushman, or as I like to think of myself: your friendly neighborhood adventure seeker! This summer I will have the immense pleasure of experiencing Camp Augusta for the first time. I went to summer camp when I was a young lad, and it is so amazing to finally be living the dream of being a camp counselor and playing Capture the Flag in such a beautiful place with you! Now I may be 32 years old, according to the calendar, but you’d have a hard time convincing me that I’m not an energetically creative and playful kid at heart. You need someone to disguise themselves as a haunted Christmas tree and sneak into unknown territory to distract the guards while you grab the precious flag? I’m your guy! What if you were hoping someone would dive in front of you and take the handful of thrown oatmeal to the chest? Here I am! Is there an art project you’d like to create out of thin air? Let’s make it happen! Did you just make some experimental pink bread with raisins (dragon boogers) and you need a taste tester? Ooooh pick me pick me!

Speaking of art, I started illustrating my own comic books when I was in 3rd grade. I loved creating goofy characters that had their differences and became the best of friends. My passion for drawing and expressing myself through art continued into middle school, high school, and college! I studied screen printing, pen and ink illustrations, figure drawing, improvisational acting, guitar, photography, pottery, painting… the list really goes on and on! I have been in a few different bands playing drums, synthesizers, electric guitar, and using all kinds of interesting vocals. I even played a singing saw once! I love creating images and sounds so much and Camp Augusta will be the perfect place for me to share my enjoyment in the arts with all of you! What should we make first??

Now would be a good time to mention how much I enjoy playing games. Ahem… I LOVE GAMES SO MUCH!!! Words can’t actually fully describe how excited I get when playing a game. Any game. Anytime. I have over 200 board games. Yes, you read that correctly! Did you know over 3000 new board games are released every year? Please ask me to play a board game with you as I would be happy to not only teach you my favorites, but I will also send you home with a list of some of my top recommendations! I will play Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee Golf like my life depends on it. I helped to create my high school’s first Ultimate Frisbee team, and was the team captain for a season. What an amazing experience that was! I’m not sure if any of you have ever played bicycle polo, or if you’d consider riding bikes a “game”, but to me it sure does feel like play and any kind of play can easily turn into a game in my mind (mountain biking anyone?). If you have the time, search for “Journey to the End of the Night (game)” to read about one of the most incredible gaming experiences I’ve ever had in all of my life!! Be sure to ask me about my wild experience playing JttEotN when you see me, and maybe we can even create our own version at camp! Now, if only I could make a career out of playing Capture the Flag with a bunch of friends… I would be the happiest camper in the whole world! Oh wait… I WILL be able to, at Camp Augusta with you! What is your favorite game to play, and can I please please please play it with you?

You know what excites me just as much as artistic expression and games? The people that I get to experience them with! In the past I have been an after school counselor in an arts program where I was lucky enough to teach kids how to draw and paint still lifes, how to practice and understand perspective drawing, what color theory is, and we even created our own board game the kids illustrated themselves and took home with rulebooks and everything! I get so much enjoyment out of supporting kids and their creative process, so just imagine how excited I am to have this opportunity to sing songs, play instruments, make all kinds of arts and crafts, play games, and create lifelong memories with all of you! I have such a big grin on my face as I’m writing this!

With this massive cake of excitement, I’d like to sprinkle some of my sincerest passions and plans on top to give you a little taste of what I find to be meaningful and purposeful in my life. Four years ago I started working as a house manager with gentlemen who were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. During this time I learned how much I care about supporting others in achieving as fulfilling of a life as they would like. I learned that I have a passion for communicating with people in a way that speaks to their heart, mind, body, and soul. Camp Augusta is an extension of this passion of mine. As COVID came around, I decided that I would like to pursue higher education to become a therapist. Especially during such challenging times, I believe the world needs more connections, friends, and supporters. As a camp counselor and friend, I will support each and every one of you with the love, care, and excitement I bring to all of my passions. I will foster connections with all of the campers that I possibly can at Camp Augusta, and it is my hope that the children I get to create and play with will return home with a deeper love and understanding of themselves.

Thanks for reading my bio! I sure can’t wait to play with all of you soon!