How to make your very own Claire in 11 steps

Cook time: 19 years

Serves: 5 Manzanita Campers


  • San Francisco
  • The beach
  • Rowing, 5 yrs
  • Camp augusta, 9 yrs
  • New Hampshire, 1 semester
  • Cooking
  • Farming
  • Backpacking
  • Canoeing
  • Growth
  • Crocheting
  • Poetry
  • Reading
  • A dog named Ringo
  • Three cats named Tamara, Bloo and Winston
  • Three death feigning beetles
  • Oregon, 1 year
  • Lewis & Clark College, 1 year
  • Friendships
  • English major
  • Gender studies minor
  • Adventure
  • Wish, Wonder, Surprise


Step 1: Into a bowl, add San Francisco, the beach, rowing (5 years), and Camp Augusta (7 years). Stir.

Step 2: Cover and let sit at room temperature for 18 years.

Step 3: Uncover and chill in New Hampshire for 1 semester. At this time, sprinkle in cooking, farming, backpacking, canoeing and a heaping spoonful of personal growth.

Step 4: Remove from NH, add four more weeks of Camp Augusta.

Step 5: In a separate bowl, add reading, crocheting and poetry, stir vigorously until fully combined. 

Step 6: To the same bowl, add a dog named Ringo, and three cats named Tamara, Bloo and Winston, wisk.

Step 7: Combine both bowls of ingredients, then let rise at Lewis & Clark College

in Oregon for 1 year

Step 8: At this point, add an English major and a Gender Studies minor

Step 9: Into the mixture add a dash of friendship and a dash of adventure as well as three death feigning beetles

Step 10: Stir continuously until fully combined

Step 11: Bake at 350 F for a whole summer at Camp Augusta!!

Step 12: Top with as much Wish, Wonder and Surprise as you possibly can and serve piping hot!