Hey there, I’m Chandler!

This will be my second year at Camp Augusta. Last year I was a counselor in Oak Village, and this year I’m beyond stoked to be taking on the role of Oak Village Leader! I’m so excited to spend this summer frolicing in the beautiful village across the bridge. #OakieFolks4life

Here are some places I’ve lived

  • I grew up in Western Massachusetts in a little town called Amherst. (with a silent ‘h’)
  • Before I moved to camp I lived in Brooklyn, New York for almost five years, and worked for a public policy non-profit!
  • I went to college in Ohio, at a school called Oberlin. We had albino squirrels, and I lived and ate in a cooperative house called Harkness. (loving referred to as Sharkness)
  • When I was little I lived in Haiti for a month with my family. Our roof was made of tin so when it rained it was so loud we couldn’t hear my mom reading to us.
  • These days, I live in a tiny house at Camp! Catch me hanging up more stuff on my walls pretty much any day – I love being surrounded by art and colors!

Some of my favorite things to do at camp

  • Blacksmith! I love it out in blacksmithing land! Only those with the mightiest wills can walk all the way there, but if you make it… beautiful metal items are in your future!
  • I love eating my food with no hands. Feel free to join me at my table any day for some hands-free food (and dessert!)
  • Cabin Activity is one of my favorite parts of the day. Getting to follow your dreams and inspiration and do anything you want as a group? What could be better!?
  • Ask questions! There are so many cool people at camp, and they know so many things! I love to sit with folks at meals and ask questions and find out what gets them excited!
  • Have I mentioned I love Lyra? And circles of all kinds really. They’re on the brain, and I notice them more and more… hula hoops, dog collars, donuts, mental circles, all the best things really 😛

Some things I’ve done since last summer

  • Taken classes at the Aerial lab, learning Lyra, Trapeze, and Silks! I can do some pretty cool stuff now! (next, here I come stilt-walking!)
  • Spent SO much time with DOGS! I’ve been volunteering at a local dog shelter, walking adorable dogs and sometimes getting to play with puppies! I’ve also been watching Henry, the little white pup in the picture, while his mom is on vacation for 3 months in Southeast Asia. And, of course, I’ve been playing with every dog I come across, because dogs are perfect!!
  • Lived at Camp year-round and helped hire and register an awesome new group of campers and staff!
  • Volunteered at the local animal sanctuary, Animal Place, where I’ve gotten to befriend cows, rabbits, pigs, goats, and chickens!
  • I’ve been rock climbing, and building my skills at bouldering! And I hope to soon be able to lead-climb!

Camps other than Augusta that I’ve been to in my life:

  • All growing up I went to a camp called Bement. Bement was where I fell in love with ropes courses, evening embers, campfire skits, and all things summer camp! When it shut down during my time in high school I was devastated, and it is still a place near and dear to my heart.
  • While working in New York, I took time off in the summer for two-years to lead a trip in Costa Rica with Sea Turtle Camp. We helped keep nesting mothers safe, and worked at the hatchery, where we got to release tiny baby leatherback sea turtles!
  • When I was in elementary school I went to a Shakespeare camp every summer where we would learn different facets of Shakespeare acting, and then put on a piece of a Shakespeare play. When I was in sixth grade I got to go to the stage fighting session, and learn to stage fight with fencing swords!
  • After college I worked for a summer at a camp called Camp Dogwood in Virginia. I was a leader for the Rites of Passage program, where l taught outdoor and leadership skills before embarking on a 3-day backpacking trip in Shenandoah National Park.
  • When I was in high school my dream was to be a Marine Biologist, so I went to a Marine Bio summer camp in the florida keys where I got to work with so many cool animals including Sharks, sea cucumbers, and mantis shrimp! Sharks are still one of my favorite animals, and I’ll happily offer up a shark fun-fact any day!

All of these led me today, to Camp Augusta, where I get to bring all the wish, wonder, and surprise from these experiences to life for Oak Village and all Augustans!

Some of the remaining items on my bucket list:

  • Another year has gone by, and sadly, it was another one in which I did not eat a Banana split. Maybe we can make this happen this summer?
  • SCUBA dive on the Great Barrier Reef. And hopefully see some sharks!!
  • Visit the Amazon rainforest and see a Kapok tree. They hold so much life in their branches and roots – I aspire to be like the Kapok tree!
  • Visit the Galapagos and see a galapagos tortoise and a blue footed booby (Blue footed boobies are my favorite bird! If you’ve never seen one before I recommend looking them up – They’re so cool looking!)
  • Ride in a hot air balloon!


On the plus side, I did cross one item off my list this year! I rode a segway! Check me out below!

All I ask of you is that you bring an amazing riddle to camp and that you tell it to me! I love riddles, and I cannot wait to meet you!

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