Hey there, I’m Chandler!

This will be my third year at Camp Augusta. I’m so excited to spend this summer frolicing in the woodchips with you, and to get to spend time as the Manzi Village Leader!

Some of my favorite things to do at camp
– Blacksmith! I love it out in blacksmithing land! Only those with the mightiest wills can walk all the way there, but if you make it… beautiful metal items are in your future!
– I love eating my food with no hands. Feel free to join me at my table any day for some hands-free food (and dessert!)
– Cabin Activity is one of my favorite parts of the day. Getting to follow your dreams and inspiration and do anything you want as a group? What could be better!?
– Ask questions! There are so many cool people at camp, and they know so many things! I love to sit with folks at meals and ask questions and find out what gets them excited!
– Have I mentioned I love Lyra? And circles of all kinds really. They’re on the brain, and I notice them more and more… hula hoops, dog collars, donuts, mental circles, all the best things really 😛

Some things I’ve done since summer 2019
–  I’m in school at Evergreen State College studying psychology and education! It’s rad! I love learning about how brains work – ask me about my love for synaptic blooming & pruning.
–  Spent SO much time with DOGS! I volunteered at a local dog shelter, walking adorable dogs and sometimes getting to play with puppies! I fostered 3 dogs, pet sat for one, and finally adopted my very own dog, Raspberry! We love to run & hike together, but sadly she won’t be at camp this summer because she is recovering from surgery.
–  Lived at Camp year-round until August and then in Western Massachusetts where I worked as a Weekend Counselor at a boarding school, and taught wilderness homeschool & afterschool.
– Started a mentorship program for LGBTQ people called Western Mass Queer Peers
– Continued my pursuit of visiting all the National Parks! I added Acadia, Great Smoky Mountain, Arches, Great Basin, Indiana Dunes, and Cuyahoga to my list. And more to come!