Hello Camp Augusta, my name is Ben Hawkins, unfortunately I have no exciting nick name to share with you, so instead we’ll share an exciting summer together. I am 24 and have no previous experience at camp America, which makes me all the more excited.

I have completed two apprenticeships, one in hospitality and another in childcare. I currently work as a Teaching assistant with children aged 3-5 and previously worked in a nursery with younger children. I love working with children and witnessing the different, untainted characters they become so young. Which is a big reason I am certain I’m going to have the summer of my life at camp Augusta.

As much as I have enjoyed my time working with children, when I come back home from my adventure of a lifetime, I will be focusing my attention on the fire service and my ability to tackle that boiling hot glow we call fire. I have always been a very physical, hands on person and having a friend who has recently joined the fire service it has verified my idea of it being the perfect job for me. Getting to help people and potentially save lives would give me so much pride and joy.

I am very easily pleased when it comes to being out and about and can find fun in pretty much anything. I love getting out for walks with friends and often go camping, for my 21st birthday I received a camera to accompany me on my adventures and if I’m going anywhere remotely scenic you’ll be sure to catch me with it. I like to catch the scene how it is, without editing or effects. I still really appreciate the things people can do with these effects and love photography as a whole. Anything Attenborough is getting watched by me, the photography amazes me.

Sports wise I love football and boxing, both watching and playing, defending and attacking. I play football with friends twice a week, which has become very competitive which I enjoy, I believe friendly competitiveness makes for a world of fun. As well as the football, I love the social side of it, some friends I wouldn’t see if it wasn’t for football. Boxing is something I never stopped loving, just didn’t prioritise it over other things, which I regret. When I come home from my travels I will 100% get back into it. I think boxing is brilliant for you on so many levels, it’s good for discipline, confidence, fitness and has great social aspects to it.

I have been wanting to do camp America for a long time now, but honestly didn’t have the confidence to travel so far alone. Last year I decided to focus a lot on myself, I can now say I am a confident young chap, which has given me the courage to finally sign up for summer of a lifetime. Everything about camp America appeals to me. Aiding children’s fun and education, spending summer in the wild, finally visiting America and meeting lots of amazing new people. To say I was ridiculously excited to arrive at Camp Augusta would be an understatement. I hope the children at camp will be able to approach me with any issues, knowing there is no judgement involved. I hope they feed off my excitement in the activities we partake in. I feel I will bring both a playful and professional aspect to camp as I am I big kid at heart, but am also very attentive and child focused. If the children are having a good time so will I.