Once upon a time there is the world we all know but …

the world as I imagine it is a world in which humans, animals and nature harmonize with each other’s. That the world knows no more wars and has no environmental disasters. A world in which equality, neighborly love and rights have rights. A world in which no human or animal belongs to greed and selfishness to fear for his life. Also in my world, I have special powers, once the power to be able to “fly” and to speak and understand all the languages of the world.

Love is such a big word, which unfortunately many people never understand, feel or get to know. Love is sometimes the most important thing in life. Love gives hope. Love gives you confidence. Love gives you the opportunity to hear the world from a different perspective. Love brings with it the ability to see everything positively and to layer beautifully in the most beautiful situation. Love is what faith is. Love gives you the strength to fight and belongs firmly in life. Love is the strongest power in the world.

The most important fact about love – learn to love yourself first, before you give your love to another person. Only when you love yourself enough are you able to love another person.

Except from your own family, this is a special love which you can feel before you even know what loves is.

Love is the most important property after Health in Life and that is what I want to share this summer.

Camp activities, the close cooperation with the children and being there 24/7 is exactly what I imagined of working in a camp. I want to encourage the kids and also show them how to appreciate the little things of life.

I am generally excited to be part of a summer camp. I wanted to have this experience since I was little but to be on the other side now and to be able to give the children what I dreamed of touches me emotionally and makes me very proud.

It’s my first time in camp and it makes me very proud to be a counselor!”

I would describe myself as creative, funny, adorable, trustful, confident, empathetic and inquisitive and I always have a plan b and I now how to make the best of every situation. Being interactive with children is normal for my lifestyle. I have many younger cousins of the age from 1-16 and I take care of them whenever I want or have to, to support my aunts and uncles. We are very close to each other as friends but I am also a role model for them. I worked as a volunteer in preschools and in a kindergarten. And my older sister is also a preschool teacher, so I know everything even behind the scenes. To work with children gives me so much back. I love to see them growing in different situations and to see them happy and successful. But I also like to help them in different situations like dealing with personal issues or failure in school or hobbies

Hallo , Merhaba & Hello

It’s me  Aynur Avcilar my name means moonshine hunter.

My Nickname is Ay (like the letter i ) which means Moon

  • I am 24 yo. a German girl with Turkish roots and I also know to speak all 3 languages
  • Traveling is my passion, I was in 10 countries in Europe and I have also seen 10 states in the US (for now)
  • I am a high qualified waitress and event manager
  • I worked as an Au-pair last year in Boston/MA and in Lathrop/CA , where I definitely fell into love with Cali ♡
  • I am interested to connect with people share interests, cultures and love
  • I am most excited for camp live at all there are no summer camps like Augusta in Germany! Can you imagine?
  • And I love to sing in every situation (showering, cooking, driving, cleaning up or while I’m talking) P.S. I am not a good singer lol
  • Favorite snack – chocolate –

And we are living happily ever after ..

The End !