Hello friend, my name is Amy and this will be my second year with Camp Augusta! I have previously spent a few summers working at camps in Michigan teaching ceramics, singing crazy camp songs, and nannying! My first year at Camp Augusta was phenomenal. I learned a lot about myself, connected with campers, and made true friends. I spent the Summer as a counselor is both Manzanita and Oak Village, where I finished off the season by completing Village Leader Training in Manzanita!

Since Summer Camp 2018, I have been living on site at Camp Augusta as a part of the registration team- I never left! I have enjoyed talking with parents, creating new processes, and connecting with all the 2019 Manzi Counselors!!

This year I am the Manzanita Village Leader and I cannot wait to play, laugh, and adore all the counselors and campers! A little bit about me:

I am from South Bend, Indiana (I’d be surprised if you were a Notre Dame fan, but neither am I, so that’s okay) and have lived most of my life here prancing through the immense amount of corn! Okay, It was more of a fearful running than a prance, but I’m okay with that. Anyways, I graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Social Studies concentration. I LOVE meaningful conversations about resilience and empathy-you’re formally invited to have deep talks with me. I have a passion for working with all ages and find immense joy in doing so! Outside of camp, I was a substitute teacher for two districts working in elementary schools and I loved every minute of it. I LOVE singing and playing guitar and have spent 15 years continuing my passion for music which includes show choir, live performances, duets with friends, and camp fire jams! I also love being in the trees and enjoying nature-the peace it brings is magical. I’ve spent a lot of time in Northern Michigan with the pine trees and was so moved I dedicated my tattoo to the trees and so did 9 of my closest friends! I also love spending time up in the trees, in my backyard is a 30 foot tree house that I helped build with my parents when I was growing up.


Here are a few goofy photos of me from Summer 2018!!!

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