Hello there! My name is Aimee but you can call me whatever you like, I don’t really mind. You might notice my accent is different from yours that’s because I am from a place called Birmingham in England. Our accent is famous for being soft and friendly, which I believe is a good reflection on me as a person too! Can you believe that camp has come around so quickly? What an experience it is going to be for all of us! What activity are you most intrigued and excited to try? We will get to talk about all of this very soon…

If I had to pick one word and one word only to describe myself it would be BRIGHT! I am a sun worshiper, a rainbow enthusiast and a glitter goblin! Our world is a magically bright and beautiful place, and there is nothing that I love more than expressing myself through wearing all of those colors. I once had my own tie dying business so tie dying together will definitely be on our to do list! You will catch me dancing around camp, dressing up in crazy costumes and brightening up your day!

I am SO lucky! I am blessed with a loving supportive family who are just as crazy as me! My Mum is a care team leader, looking after our older generation in a local care home, she puts everyone before herself and would go to the ends of the earth to help someone. A quality that she has passed down to me! My Dad like many people from where I live, works in the motor industry. We have such a laugh together to the point where it actually hurts from giggling too much! My Dad also introduced me to the many alternative genres of music I listen to today, and taught me that it’s okay to stand out from the crowd!

Taking photos is a huge part of my life, I will often just be walking along and be over taken by something striking that I simply have to photograph. This could just be a walk through the countryside, or a face in the pavement. There is beauty and mystery all around us! I am so excited to capture beautiful moments, and find hidden patterns and shapes in nature with all my campers!

Who will I miss the most whilst I am at camp? Well, that’s easy! It will be my majestic furry friend Kika… She is my loyal companion, my best friend and my partner in crime! I am an animal lover, and I have always loved cats. I wonder what wildlife we will get to see at camp? I can’t wait to hear about your pets and what animals you love!

Let the summer of endless memories, acting out our dreams and facing challenges begin!

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