Gooooooooood morning/evening/midday internet! I, Abi 2.0, will be your internet avatar tour guide to this webpage!

Let’s start with the basics. You can address me by abi, abs, abzz, a-bee, abe, Abigail, Abrielle, Abr-i-elle, abster, abi-cadabby (personal fav) or just about any other variation. I use she/her/hers pronouns, and will do my very best to ask what yours are(:

At this point you may be wondering; who will I be spending the summer with? Can she yodel? What’s her favorite dance move? What Hogwarts house is she? How does she feel about tacos? Why does she spell her name like that? For all of you campers, staff, and parents, rest assure, I will do my best to answer all of these hard hitting questions and more.


To start let’s go wayyy back to the year ‘97. The spice girls were at the top of their game, frosted tips were all the rage, and Radiohead releases one of the greatest albums known to man, Ok Computer. What a time to be alive. At 10:08am on a chilly late november morning, Lara and Jason bring their daughter Abrielle (Abi) into the world at a whopping eight pounds, eight ounces. She grows to be a curious tot with endless fascination for centipedes, space, dress up, and the ability to fall asleep anywhere at anytime.

Fast forward 18 years! Abi has spent the majority of her childhood growing up in the magical mystical land of Johnstown, Ohio, where the cattle roam free and corn fields scatter the land as far as the eye can see. Truly riveting. Throughout high school, she dedicates most of her time to running, playing basketball, writing, and lifeguarding. Throughout her teens, she cultivates a passion for activism and social justice. Before you know it she is ready to spread her wings and venture outside of her small town. Her thirst for adventure would take her across the country on a journey of self-discovery.

Along the way, service played a prominent role in finding who she was. It led Abi to Colorado, where she spent the year learning, growing, and teaching alongside youth as a math and literacy interventionist in Saguache, Colorado. It was here she discovered the wonders of the outdoors and got a taste for activities like climbing, hiking, and yoga. She’s been addicted ever since. 

She continued working alongside youth in Wilmington, North Carolina as an after school program coordinator. On her days off, you could find her biking to the beach, (attempting) to surf, or enjoying an oatmilk latte and a good book at her favorite local coffee shop.         

What’s she doin’ now?

Annnnddd, were back! Time flies when you’re narrating  condensed life stories as a personalized bitmoji.  

In present time, Abi is continuing her education at The Ohio State University to pursue a degree Social Work. And one day, she will yield this tool of knowledge as her mighty sword to SaVe ThE wOrLd!! Or, more realistically and just as important, work with others to make the world a better place by helping individuals realize their power, uniqueness, ability, and compassion.

Though she is no superhero, she recognizes the barriers many face in the topsy-turvy world will live in. Her ultimate goal is to eliminate those barriers through community organizing and advocacy.

Enough nonsense! Rapid fire question time!

So CAN she yodel?!

Formally… No. But she’ll try just about anything. At the moment, her current pursuits are learning ukulele, guitar, and swing dance! If you know, share your knowledge!

What’s her favorite dance move?

While you can catch her breaking-it-down on the regular, her go to move is a sort of heel-toe footwork with an odd arm-clapping-criss-cross motion… It’s… a site to see.

What is her Hogwarts House?


If she were a cheese what kind of cheese would she be?

Blue cheese. She’s an acquired taste, has blue hair, and sometimes smells a bit funny. But pair her with a zesty buffalo sauce, and it’s a party.

What are her feelings on tacos?

There’s not a taco she’s met that she hasn’t loved. And she won’t stop TAC(O)-ing about it!.. Did I mention she loves puns?

What is her best halloween costume to date?

Chicken. Fifth Grade. What a show.



Thanks Abi 2.0! But I think I have it from here. Abi in the flesh here, and thank you for taking the time to get to know me via my third person monologue. I am so incredibly honored to have the opportunity to get know you and share a summer of laughter, mystic, wonder, play, and so much more. Until then, godspeed.
Oh! Here is what my non-digitized face looks like, some of my favorite places, things to do, and people I love.
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