Giant’s Ladder and Tower of Terror

Our high ropes course is an excellent way to build self-confidence, have fun, challenge oneself, and enjoy the view!  The “Tower of Terror” starts with a “Giant’s Ladder,” and then continues upward, resulting in the largest ropes course element suspended between two trees in the United States!

The “Giant’s Ladder” is a physical and mental challenge for an individual, as well as a team challenge.  As you progress up the ladder, the rungs get farther apart, and thus more difficult to climb.  When it is taken as a team challenge, two climbers help one another reach the top.

At the very top, 100ft above ground, is a bench, where you can rest and absorb the wonderful views of the surrounding area. But first however, you have to get there!  Challenging your body, overcoming your fears, and improving team-building skills are just some of the benefits of this amazing activity.

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