Hello there!

Thank you for clicking on my bio and wanting to know a little bit more about ME!

First of all my name!

How do you pronounce it? It’s easy… if you are familiar with the Welsh language.

Take the ‘Y’ from ‘yes’, the ‘I’ from ‘Lion’, and then put an ‘un’ on the end. There you go, Ieuan.



Pine is my chosen home at Camp Augusta and I will be returning for a third time to this wonderful village, filled with the weirdest folks and more laughter than anywhere else.

I’ve grown a huge amount in this village and it’s always nice to be reminded how tall you are, which is one of the multiple reasons I adore being in Pine. It’s a hub of crazy noises, music and song, and of course a few misplaced socks.

I’m super excited to return and before I get into that, here’s a little more about me!

I’m from a small town in the South West of England called Bradford-on-Avon. It’s a lovely little and very old place filled with kooky shops and numerous stone walled back alleys, which was my playground when I walked home from my school with my friends. Back in September I started studying at Swansea University, the proudest and best University in Wales. I am reading Modern History and International Relations which is incredibly exciting and fulfils my desire to learn about history that I am interested in. I play rugby for the University club and love the camaraderie as well as the culture of rugby in Wales.

Having Swansea Bay and the Gower peninsula over the road from campus is also a real treat

I am beyond excited to be returning for a third summer to Augusta, and here are a few reasons why:

  • I currently study in one of the wettest cities in the UK… It doesn’t rain much at camp

  • I love being able to wake up and spend time with a wonderful group of people every day!

  • My love for CTF grows strong each day I do not play it

  • Having guitars around camp and being able to play them ANYTIME you want to

  • New people arrive every year, and with them stories that I can listen to

  • There’s no other place like it

Cadw’n dda ac yn gweld chi cyn bo hir!

(Keep well and see you soon!)

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