‘ayup, duck! ‘Ow do?
Who is this strange person talking abouts ducks and using weird words?
Well, person reading my bio, let me tell you about myself!
Wait? You can read my thoughts, or the computer can? Oh, no. Technology really has become too advanced.
No, no, no. As much as I would like to be able to read minds, I cannot. I thought for my bio, we would make it more conversational. Of course, I’m not round at your house having a cuppa tea and a biccy (cup of tea and a biscuit), so I’m just pretending that we are having a conversation. Humour me for the sake of this bio 😉 You’re in bold and italic text, by the way.
Okay, a little strange. But, I can roll with this. Tell me about yourself…
I think the first piece of information you need to know about me is my name. My name is Alysha! Fun fact: my grandma told my mum, if she had a daughter, to not call her Alysha. But, here we are. Below is a picture of me in Yosemite!
I hail from a place we like to call God’s own county: Yorkshire, England. I come fully equipped with an English accent and lots of words that I will always forget to translate to American. Right now, I’m living in a little spa town called Buxton, which is in one of our national parks!
This summer, you’ll find me in the best village at camp: MANZI! This year is my second year as a manzi counselor (Check out some pictures from my last summer below!)
I am so excited to spend another year amongst the magical wood chips, going on new adventures, looking at the stars from underneath the pine trees, meeting some crazy characters during EPs, throwing oatmeal and being a big, old goofball with YOU! (If you’re a parent reading this, unfortunately, I don’t mean you. I know you want to stay at camp too, but you’re too old… Don’t even think about hiding under the bed. I know your tricks. You can’t stay. I’m sorry! 🙁 But we’ll see you on Saturday and tell you all about the session!)
Oh no. My parents can’t stay 🙁 (Or, maybe you feel a bit more like) Yay! My parents can’t stay 🙂
What about your family? What are they like?
YAY! My favourite topic. I’m one of five kids, and they’re my FAVOURITE people on the planet (well, most of the time anyway 😉 ). I have one older brother, called Callum, and three younger sisters, called Olivia, Sophie, and Ysabel. We also answer to numbers corresponding to the order we were born, so I’m #2. I would be very lost and lonely without them. I feel very blessed to have so many siblings that I get to annoy for the rest of my life – muahaha. See adorable baby pictures below.
We also have FOUR cats, SIX guinea pigs, and lots of fishies. Things are always crazy and busy in our house, which is why I love camp so much! And, of course, here are some pictures!
What was it that inspired you to become a camp counselor AND come back for another year?
I first learned about American summer camps when I was, hmmm, about thirteen. AND I WAS OBSESSED! I think I expected them to be like the movies, and I wanted to go so badly. But, I couldn’t afford to come to the states and go to camp – I spent all of my pocket money on sweets :(. So, when I was finally old enough to be able to work at one, I WAS SO EXCITED! Camp Augusta contacted me, and I FELL IN LOVE. I was at camp for five months last year, and I can easily say that they were the best months of my life! I got to play all day, hang out with awesome campers, play crazy EP games, EAT LAZY DOG ICE CREAM, and teach some incredible clinics.
My reasons for coming back are, firstly, WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO COME BACK! CAMP IS BETTER THAN DISNEYLAND! I loved being able to challenge myself to do things I didn’t think I would be able to do, and I loved being able to give campers the best summer ever and see them challenge themselves and grow. I saw so many of my manzi girls change so much over just a short period of time, and it was so rewarding. I can’t wait to see all of you do the same this year!
Cooool! What do you do when you’re not a camp counselor, Alysha?
What a great question, person reading this (wait, are you a person? Is this your dog reading this…?).
Well, after session six ends, my batteries run out of juice, I go into hibernation mode, and get put on a coat hanger in the costume closet until next May. Then, someone comes around, fits with me a new battery, and I’m good to go again for another six sessions!
Wait, you don’t believe me? Okay, fine. You got me. After camp, I will return to my homeland and resume my life as a student. I’m currently studying Outdoor Leadership and Management; I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life leading backpacking trips into the wilderness and teaching people about the precious gifts that Mother Nature has given to us. I hope to use the tranquility, natural healing powers and magical experiences that nature provides to help people who are struggling with mental health issues. I also love spending time climbing, hiking and camping, as well as volunteering at my local explorers troop (which is part of our scouting movement). 
Woahh, sounds like you enjoy spending time outdoors!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I’ve loved the outdoors since I was little. I’ve been part of the scouting movement for fourteen years. It’s where I learned to love adventurous activities and got to experience such a variety of them. I also completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award (where I got to meet Prince Philip!), which required me to hike for four days in the English countryside carrying everything on my back and living in a tent! It was so awesome! I’ve also always been involved in sports; I’ve done pretty much any sport I can think of: rowing, netball, soccer, golf, ice skating, cricket… the list goes on. MORE PICTURES. YAY!
Wow, we sure have learned a lot about you in this bio, Alysha. But, what if we want to know more!
Woah, steady on, you eager beaver. If I tell you everything here then I’ll have nothing to talk about at camp! But, I’ll leave you with some fun facts (what bio is complete without them?) and questions that you can think about before you meet me this summer.
  • I have been vegan since January 2019 (it was so so so so hard giving up chocolate and lazy dog days will be a struggle for me. I hope the chocolate covered bananas are just as good), and I had been vegetarian for 2 years before that.
  • My favourite colour is green. It reminds me of trees and nature!
  • I’ve been learning how to play the ukulele and guitar this off season. Maybe I’ll feel confident enough to play for you this summer… maybe
  • My grandparents live in Portugal, so it’s like a second home to me. Although, I have only started to learn Portuguese this year. A little late but, better late than never!
And here are your questions:
  1. I got a Guinness World Record certificate when I was four, but for what?
  2. My life goal is to stroke what animal?
I want to know your best answers!
Thank you for reading my bio! I cannot wait to meet you this summer!
Bye! See you soooon!
Tarra for nar! Sin’a’bit!
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