Dear Campers,

Whether this would have been your first summer at Augusta or the next of many, we wanted to reach out to you and to share in your sadness. Wow! What a time this is…Summer camp is cancelled. We are still a bit stunned over here at camp.  Of course, we were hopeful beyond hope that we could make this happen for all of us and, unfortunately, we see now that this is not possible.

We are still coming to terms with the realization that we will not see you this summer. A few weeks of playing and living in the woods, experiencing challenge and growth, and finding a new sense of self are the reasons we sit in the camp office all winter and stare at computers. Many of us have found our purpose at Augusta — creating a second home for you!

As we mention in our video, this was an extremely tough decision to make, and probably just as hard to hear. And, ultimately, we know this is the best decision to ensure the safety of our staff and campers. Above all, we want Camp Augusta to remain a safe and sustainable place for us all to enjoy and take risks responsibly. The idea of a summer at Augusta without the high fives, without the hugs, without the laughter and the songs that make camp so great, is a sad thought. We look to the future, for when the potential for wish, wonder and surprise strongly outweigh the risks present at camp now, and they will be back…in time.

We are experiencing a time in history that very, very few in this world have ever experienced before. We’d like to think that, a few years from now when life has returned to some degree of normalcy (…or entered a new normalcy), we will all look back on this time and marvel that all the citizens of the world experienced the same thing at the same time. How often does that happen?

And, with that, you have likely experienced a ton of new things being decided for you these days. We are sad that summer camp is now a part of that list for you.

Challenge – opportunity – growth – compassion. These are all foundations of Augusta. This is a whole new opportunity for us all in learning and practising to be creative, flexible, and resilient humans. 

Consider this to be a one big embers-like time of reflection. What would your counselor do? What would you do? 

Be with your family. Share in a Rose, Bud, Thorn every night. Eat dinner without utensils and see what happens. Initiate a water fight in your backyard. Have watermelon and popcorn for snack EVERYDAY!! Create your own version of a rainbow fruit freeze or a sour patch drumstick. Make s’mores in the backyard. Give your parents a special wake-up. Host campfire songs and skits in your living room. Make wookies for your friends and family. Be the funk in your neighborhood. Go for it. Be camp wherever you are. We’re excited to hear what you come up with!  

Also, some good news for everyone: You can go to the bathroom without the Rule of Three!!! 

We know that you creating wish, wonder and surprise at home will in no way make up for you not literally being here in the woods around the campfire with us. For now, we sincerely hope you’ll carry camp with you wherever you are. Remember that Camp Augusta — the feeling you get when you are here, the person you are when you are here — is always within you. Camp is in your heart and, therefore, is everywhere you go. Camp is You and You are Camp.

We are saving you a spot in summer 2021 and can’t wait to linger around the campfire once more. 

And, as we sing at the end of our closing campfires… “This is goodnight and not goodbye.” 


Campingly yours,

Your Camp Augusta Family

We know it’s never going to be the same as stepping on the woodchips and experiencing a summer at camp, and we hope you enjoy some of the videos on our blog. We are also discussing what a virtual camp could look like this summer, if you have any ideas, or are interested in taking part, please let us know!